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Vrindavan is a heavenly abode for widows of Vrindavan in India where they get a chance to rebuild their lives. It’s so unfortunate that despite being one of the powerful nations in the world, many widows are roaming on the street and begging for survival. Especially in Vrindavan, you will find many destitute widows, and elder mothers struggling for survival. Therefore, Most of the NGOs working in India have chosen Vrindavan as their working zone. Pyari Maa Foundation is continuously supporting the cool blowing breeze of women’s empowerment in India. Going through the stories of widows and abandoned women in Vrindavan will make you feel for them. Also, you will feel like helping them with whatever you’re having. After all, nothing can stop us from helping others when our heart craves to serve the people in need.

women empowerment | ngo for widows

Women’s empowerment in India is the need of the hour

Empowerment is something which has the potential to escalate the confidence of any woman. Moreover, with this, a woman can gain courage which will motivate her to do whatever she has planned to do. Besides this, women’s empowerment in India will make women’s feel safe anywhere in the country. For this reason, Pyari Maa Foundation, an NGO for widows, is putting efforts in the right direction. Maybe, all these efforts will not go in vain, and eventually, the organization will achieve its goals in the future. The way Pyari Maa Foundation is making efforts to change the devastating conditions of widows in Vrindavan, we can hope that things will change for them.

Pyari Maa Foundation has helped many abandoned widows and homeless women in getting their self-respect. With the support of Pyari Maa Foundation, they have been able to earn for their needs and desires of life. Also, regaining the lost respect and dignity has given them a sigh of relief. The fire to support the women’s empowerment in India ignites within the members of Pyari Maa Foundation and pushes them to do more and more.