Focus Areas

Widow’s rights and empowerment

Project: A loss of a companion after marriage shatters a women specially when there is no one to take care of her after the loss. At the death of the spouse one’s life changes permanently thus becoming very critical for the women to have a reason to live.

Women many times with children, are thrown out, live on subsistence, and are exploited.

Pyari Maa Foundation’s Purpose: Make them feel that they are good and important. Counseling plays a very important role. Spending time with them and discussing their needs. Health is wealth thus ensuring that they are able to get their basic needs in terms of medicines.

Challenges: Dealing with widows in grief, inadequate utilities, and no scope of change till now.

Health Camps

Project: Regular medical camps, counseling and knowledge on how to help someone when in a urgent medical need, appropriate number of ambulances to be made available, medical kit to be provided and a knowledge on its usage. Consequences of many diseases if not taken care of with medicines with programs which is conducted in groups.

Pyari Maa Foundation’s Purpose: To be there whenever assistance required with doctors, nurses and ambulances.

Challenges: This would be a long term process and may take time in showing drastic improvements.

Basic knowledge

Project: 89% of women in Vrindavan are illiterate. Their knowledge on way of living is minimal. Cleanliness, hygiene, usage of money, usage of passbook, managing accounts is scarce.

Pyari Maa Foundation’s Purpose: Slowly and steadily take up the importance of ration cards, pension, bank account, passbook. Regular workshops in the preferred language as all may not understand the same language.

Challenges: At this age ration card passbook may not stand very important to the widows, having them attend the workshops may also be a challenge.