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Due to rapidly changing socio-cultural and economic norms, a large number of Widows of Vrindavan are spending their lives considering Vrindavan as their home. Additionally, Vrindavan provides the opportunity to widows of Vrindavan in terms of finance, health care, and welfare.
However, there is a scope of improvement in the current living conditions of the widows of Vrindavan.

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Respect is a feeling of admiring the good, valuable and important. With all our attempts in the persuasion of upbringing the current condition of the widows in Vrindavan, we definitely respect each and every woman and will make them feel the same.


From the gallery of Adopted Mothers. It feels good to help.


Pyari Maa Foundation makes efforts with all enthusiasm, comforts the widows with supply of most essential and critical requirements. Thus as our focus areas states we are able to continuously provide aid to the widows.

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