Core Values

Respect : Respect is a feeling of admiring the good, valuable and important. With all are attempts in the persuasion of upbringing the current condition of the widows in vrindhavan we definitely respect each and every woman and will make them feel the same.

Kindness : Life is not measured by the number of breathes we take, but by the moments that take our breath away. We at Pyari maa will change and make a difference with simple act of kindness which we last with the women of Vrindavan forever.

Support : We at Pyari maa make efforts with all enthusiasm, comfort the widows with supply of most essential and critical requirements.

Vrindavan : It is considered sacred by a number of religious traditions such as Gaudiya Vaishnavism, Vaishnavism, and Hinduism in general. Vrindavan has an ancient past, associated with Hindu history, and is an important Hindu pilgrimage site. It is a center of Krishna worship and the area includes places like Govardhanaand Gokul that are associated with Krishna. Many millions of bhaktas or devotees of Radha Krishna visit these places of pilgrimage every year and participate in a number of festivals that relate to the scenes from Krishna’s life on Earth.

Important Temples

  • Shri Radha Krishna Temple & Shri Lord Shiva temple
  • Madan Mohan Temple
  • Garud Govind Temple
  • Vrindavan Chandrodaya Mandir
  • Sri Vrindavan-Chandra Mandir
  • Banke Bihari Temple
  • Prem Mandir
  • Radha Vallabh Temple
  • Jaipur temple
  • Sri Radha raman mandir
  • Shahji temple
  • Govind dev temple
  • Sri Krishna balarama temple
  • Radha damodar mandir
  • Shri Maa Katyayani Mandir
  • Chintaharan Hanuman Mandir
  • Shree Radha Ras Bihari Ashta Sakhi Temple
  • Kathia BabaKa Sthan
  • Sri Radha Govinda Temple

Vrindavan is also known as the City of Widows due to the large number of widows who move into the town and surrounding area after losing their husbands. According to some Hindu traditions, upper-caste widows may not remarry, so many of those abandoned by their families on the death of their husband make their way here. There are an estimated 15,000 to 20,000 widows living on the streets, many of whom have spent over 30 years there. In exchange for singing bhajan hymns for 7–8 hours in bhajanashrams, women are given a cup of rice and a pittance of money (around Rs. 10).